Thursday, April 1, 2010

Yellow Queen Columbine

My husband and I attended the first Cedar Park Farmers Market on Saturday 03/27/10 and I came home with 2 Yellow Queen Columbine beauties. I stared at them when I first entered the market, but was unsure about them.  So after strolling around for a little bit, I migrated over to the vendor and looked at other items he had for sale, but could not resist taking these home (however I only had enough cash on me to purchase 2 of the 3 plants there). I remebered having a seed packet at home for Columbine, but they were surely not these. Turns out the seed packet that I had was a mixture of various Columbine (Dragonfly Hybrid Mixture). Looking more closely at the picture on the seed packet there may be similar plants to the Yellow Queen mixed in once all is grown. I think I picked a great choice.

The bright yellow flowers are showy and stand out when they are put against a green background.  The flowers look like jet rockets about to lift off it to the clouds. I discovered this afternoon that I needed to move the plants from direct sun (as this is what I had read on the internet was what the plant liked) to a more partial shaded area of the house.  I noticed the yellow flowers were looking a little sad. They are currently in pots and will permantly move sometime next year to the right side of the house where it is mostly part shade. The reason they have to stay potted this year is because on the agenda for next year is to dig out or put in raised beds alongside the house in order to bring color as well as bring beauty to these areas that consist of grass and mechanical equipment (AC unit, gas meter, cable box, etc.). I am so looking forward to being able to do this, plus it will be less of an area to mow.

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