Sunday, April 18, 2010

Chores Completed Today.....

This morning was a very cool and slightly breezing morning.  So I decdied why not get some of your chores done today.  I try to spend a lot of time getting my gardening stuff done on the weekend as I work and I commute to/from work each day so I only get about an hour in the garden during the work day.

I was able to complete:

  • Washed a lot of the little pots (with a little dish liquid and bleach), these will be used to transplant some of my seedlings.

  • Potted up the Blue Crop Bluebbery plants (I picked these up at Lowe's Satruday morning and was amazed at how cute the plants were packaged and you got 2 blueberry plants for $5.00 was originally $10.00, but Lowe's had it on sale).
  • Poted up my new Plumbago plants.  Pikced up 2 of them also from Lowe's yesterday. I was strolling through the annuals to see if there was anything I could not live without (only went their for potting soil). I thought, let me check to see if they have any Plumbagos, I bet they don't and the next ailse over I heard them calling my name, so frekin excited to be able to replace the one I lost last year.
  • Transplanted various types of coleous, 1 rosemary stem (into 2), and 2 spider plant stemps into their own small pot. I received these from a plant propagation class that I went to yesterday at the AgriLife Extension Office of Travis County.  Awesome class, learned a lot in such a short time.

  • Removed a lot of dead leaves throughout the garden.
  • Planted 3 more pepper plants in the pepper bed (these plants I raised from seed, unfortunately the plant tags went missing so not sure if it is a bell pepper or a jalapeno, will know for sure in a few weeks when they begin to fruit).
  • Removed the radishes from hanging baskets, they did not seem to do so well. I have not had a great time in getting these to grow well. I think I need to start them much earlier in the spring (I’m guessing) so they have a lot more cooler weather to grown in.
  • Repotted my plant I got from Home Depot a few months ago, when I took it out of the pot it was growing roots out of the interior pot.  I moved it to this pot and added some rocks as mulchon the top.

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  1. It sounds like you had a busy day on Sunday! I always have energy on the weekends to do what many others would consider work. I have fun with it, so it ain't work! :)



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