Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Accomplishments For 2009

I found this list where I was tracking my accomplishments and decided why not post it so that I could look back at it and see what I have achieved and how I have progressed.  It is not all inclusive but the bulk of the stuff is there and it is listed in no particular order.
  • Began container herb garden with a few pots on my small back patio porch and a few on my outdoor table (now turned into my work bench).  Progressed up to other vegetables in pots, started thinking about building raised beds.
  • Built 1st raised bed with husband's help and planted it out with some seeds and pepper plants (pretty good for a first timer).
  • Started composting in a trash can, too scared to try the open spaced composting method due to varmints wanting to visit my garden.
  • Learned about how butterflies are created in your garden (no dill for me, I guess I set up a host plant without even knowing it).  Also learned about tomato horn worms (not my friend at all).
  • Learned that tomatoes (at least for me) are not an easy task.
  • Actually cooked with some of the herbs in my garden for the first time.
  • Completed 15 community gardening hours.
  • Completed 4 charity quilts.
  • Completed Citizen Gardeners program.
  • Completed cooking class.
  • Started a blog (AMAZING).
  • Utilized my digital camera more.
  • Made a body double from duct tape, very crazy experience.
  • Made my first dress, not the best but I would say pretty good for a first attempt.
  • Knitted my first sock, was not too bad after all (the gusset was a little hard to remember, but not bad).  I then discovered I must of contracted "Second Sock Syndrome" because I have not made the second sock.  DANG those needles are small.
  • Completed piecing my 2008 Fire and Ice Block of the Month, still need to put the quilt together.
  • Completed knitting cardigan (first sweater EVER and boy was it a doozy).
  • Purged my closet twice, only to add more stuff and did not apply 1 in 1 out rule, hey I am trying.
  • Started family cookbook of tried and true recipes (this is truly helpful when you have no clue what to make for dinner).
  • Made it through the freshman first semester of high school and marching season with my daughter (very interesting).
  • Reorganized my own space/room, (computer, tv, craft, etc.) painted, put up shelves on wall and in closet, installed sewing table and cutting table.
  • Became more aware of the flowers and plants that I have in the front of the house.  Started realizing that you can't just plop anything down and expect for it to live.
  • Learned what too much and too little water can do your plants and vegetables (dead plants, mildew on leaves, over abundance of mushrooms, etc.).
  • Made jelly both hot method and cold method for the first time after attending a canning and preserving class.  Loved it a lot.
  • Learned what the heat will do to you and your garden (especially with over 50 days of triple digit temperatures).
  • Took first foundation paper piecing class and created several blocks since then.
  • Started to learn what cold weather will do your garden (peppers don't like the cold).
  • Above all, learned that I can do this, just keep at it and expect failures, but also expect the little joys you get at that seed starting to sprout, the first flower bud on plant that is just about to fruit or that flower bud on a flowering plant...Also at the fact that you did it yourself with your own hands and you will soon get to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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