Sunday, April 25, 2010

Asiatic Lilly

Last year I planted an Asiatic Lilly I bought for myself and an Amarylis that I received from an Aunt for Mother's Day gift in the same location. The plants stayed green then of course with the cold weather withered away. I thought the plants were dead, but I found out later that the asiastic lilly is really a bulb type plant, I was for sure the amarylis was gone, matter of fact I thought both were.

I noticed a month ago that I started see little blades of green appear in the same area where these plants were. I thougt it was grass growing up through the weed barrier, so I paid not attention to it, becasue I would be weeding the bed area soon. Well a few weeks ago these little blades of grass have turned into this

I can't be for sure that it is asiatic lillys producing. I have left them alone hoping that with spring and soon summer they will produce whatever they plan to be. If you have a clue what they are, please drop me a line. Thanks.


  1. they sure look like asiatic lilies to me. They will multiply,I had a hard time getting them all out of a small corner garden they had been stuck in temporarily lol.

    nice blog,


  2. Thanks Karen I think I will try moving them this week, I was going to do it this weekend, but forgot about them. I notice they keep trying to bloom and then the bloom petal will die. I think the cypress tree is blocking them from getting enough sun, since the front of the yard only gets morning sun.



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