Sunday, April 4, 2010

Today....Not A Good Day

Well, I knew that it was bound to happen, but honestly I refused to believe it. For most people who know me they are very surprised about me having a garden, especially one that is as extensive as the one I have. Most would say…are you sure that it is your garden and not your husband, but I say no it is mine and I am 100% the one that maintains it. They would also say… do you go outside dressed in armor, I say I go out in normal gardening clothes, but this year I purchased me a sun hat to prevent any sunburn. Well, I know you are waiting for me to get to the point, but I have to wait.

I grew up with a grandmother who had gardens of various types and sizes. My grandmother was truly an outdoors person and I was not always out there with her to pick up experience (that I now wish I had). My grandmother also had chickens at one time and unfortunately they were not there just for the eggs, they were the meal. I had to have the experience of learning that process. I think that was one of the reasons that I no longer liked being outside in the gardening sense. Also, my grandmother had to take care of animals that came in the garden and especially when she had the chickens and the animals got after them (those with 4 legs and those that slid on the ground) and I for sure disappeared when those times came about.

Well, the reason I am making this post is because today while putting around in the garden and pulling grass that was growing through the fence, I pulled back the watermelon pot and realized that the mulch under it needed to be adjusted. I picked up the watermelon pot and moved it temporarily, I went down to push some of the mulch where the pot would go and what did I see……………………a S N A K E.

It was not a big one so for a minute I thought it was a worm, I did a double take and thought…my that is weird it is very light and a worm is usually darker (at least the ones that my husband has been finding in the yard and putting in my garden). Then I realized something is not right, so I threw mulch on it. I ran to the back door of the house and called for my husband (who was finally having a day to relax without me bothering him) to PLEASE come and see if this was a worm or something else. Well he came out and we grabbed a mini shovel and big one and started moving the mulch to the side and of course we were not finding it and I thought I was crazy, then it appeared. I of course stood real far off to the side (so that I could not see anything) while he investigated it. I asked numerous times what it was and he said YEP THAT IT WAS ONE (see above in caps). My heart jumped into my throat and of course a few tears started to run. That was his queue to play with me and my TOTAL FEAR of this animal. Well about 15 min later of him playing with me (and me not knowing it) and me crying and doing the bunny hop dance he took care of it. It was not a big one, but it was one just the same.

I know this is to be expected, but I tell you it has me worried. I am truly going to try to get over this, but the sad thing is that for the past 2 weeks (before today) I have been having a bad dream of me finding one in my garden, but in the dream I am always bitten by it and I wake up before anything else happens (such as if it was poisonous or something).

Well I hope this is the last experience with this type of thing or if I have to go through it again that it is not to dangerous.


  1. I think they like the moist area around the roots....or at least I've heard what the snakes in Florida like! Don't let it spoil your gardening fun!

  2. Hi Cynthia! I found your blog! Funny about snakes...I used to live farther out past town, on the rocks, and we had rattlesnakes out there. When we moved in, the neighbors all told me to watch out for the snakes. I just jumped up on the porch and yelled...Any snakes here? I promise not to chop off your heads if you promise not to bite me! Well, I never got bit once! LOL. I'm sure they listened.

    happy gardening!

    bobbi c.

  3. Jackie, my husband said it was the may be the moistness of the mulch that I have put down on the floor bed of the garden (need to post an updated photo of my garden, TOTALLY changed it around). I am now wearing my black work boots (rubber and go up to the to my calves) I was wearing my crocs, but to scare of getting bit on the feet. I hope there is no mother around. Both of my neighbors on either side have found large ones in their yard and I had not. GOD I hope that is it or at least until I tire of gardening.

  4. About Bobbi C. I like your concept. I was subliminally doing this, but I guess it is going to require me to get loud and assertive (HA HA), but not enough to make them mad. I guess now that I think about it, fiding the rabbit (see video I posted) in my yard and the threat of it eating my lettuce and stuff was not as bad as finding the S N A K E. Thanks.



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