To Do/Accomplishments

Here is my list for the 2010 items to do (we shall see).
  • Attend plant swap and lecture series, Cedar Park (May)
  • Fence in garden area (February)
  • Lay much and kill out grass (March)
  • Expand and enclose vegetable garden (January)
  • Look for a gate to the garden area (May)
  • Start spring seeds in doors (January) started too early so lost most of the plants
  • Do at least 5 hrs of gardening community service this year
  • Try to grow flowering bulbs this year (planted some in December and March).  So far the Gladiolus have flowered (June).  Most of the bulbs produce greenery, some will most likely flower this coming spring or next.
  • Try to grow watermelon (planted seedlings, now just waiting) seedlings came up and now starting to vine out. (August) This was a flop.  I got 3 little watermelons to appear over a few month period, but each time they would shrivel up and die and I think one was taken by birds.  Maybe the variety I chose was not appropriate for vertical gardening.
  • Expand composting (bought 3 more trash cans, now have 3 cans that holds the processing compost and 2 are holding waiting leaves) (April)
  • Make flower beds at the front of the driveway on each side (March)
  • Expand flower bed in front of house.  I extended the flower beds in the backyard close to the house instead.  Will do the front yard in 2011.
  • Try to get names of all the plants in the yard so that I can better care for them.  This will be never ending and I am looking forward to it.
  • Remove all plants that have not come back due to the frosts (April)
  • Spray nematodes on lawn, plants and vegetable garden (April)
  • Experiment with growing plants from cuttings (in process started in April, so far lost 2 coleus and 2 rosemary cuttings, also lost a rose cutting and horsetail)
  • Make corner shelves in craft room.
  • Complete 5 charity quilts by end of year (completed 1 and turned in during April meeting, completed 1 more in September and have 4 others that need to be quilted and bound, hope to complete 1 a weekend and that will get me 6 total for the year )
  • Get a handle of all the TO-DO quilting process, including charity quilts.  Organize them so they can be pulled and worked on at any time.  Consider plastic containers or large size storage bags.  (October)
  • Take photos of the charity quilts so that I can be aware of the number needing finishing.  (October).  I took photos and did a post listing the number for a particular quilt that had enough fabric to produce more than 1.
  • Finish all if not a majority of the items in the "Current Craft Projects" tab.


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