Thursday, January 10, 2013

Guess What I Have Planned For This Weekend.....

I will be starting my tomatoes from seed.  Yes, according to our gardening calendar this is the weekend to start the seeds.  So looking forward to the new season and working the soil to produce some lovely vegetables.  I will be back later with what tomato seeds I decided to start this year.

I don't plan to go mad crazy with tomatoes as I did last year.  I have come to realize that my garden is small and the area it is located in only gets so much sun due to the house, shed, and fence, so most of the tomatoes struggled and the ones that did well shaded the rest of my vegetables, plus I have to move their location to help prevent disease.

I will also do some clean up in the garden and hopefully finish purchasing the soil and compost to fill the rest of the beds.  My husband helped me unload, re-cardboard the flooring (due to the excessive grass escaping through the cardboard/newspaper from before) and reload the soil back into the beds, so some of the depth is gone.

I HOPE (fingers crossed) I can go into the new season with a clean garden area and a clean shed (I know my husband would appreciate it).  Over the last week we have gotten drizzle to complete 2-4 inches of rain, so my garden area is well watered and hopefully Saturday/Sunday are good days to clean.  Also, this will give me a new outlook on where to plant the vegetables as last year I rushed to get everything in and the plan was haphazard.

Wish you all well and happy gardening.



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