Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Quilting-Hand Work

I am venturing into more hand work. In 2012 I did my first applique project along with joining a hand applique club at my local quilt shop.

This wall quilt top just needs to be quilted.  I am not sure if I should hand quilt or not.  If I did I am not sure if I should do just cross hatching or something else.  If you have an opinion, please pass along. 

I came across this quilt called Rhapsodie Coloree II by Ricky Tims while searching for Hawaiian quilts, not quite Hawaiian, but it is a start.  I have completed the center and now working on the second circular section, which I only have about 3 more to do.  I am doing the entire applique portions by hand.  The center was the hardest.

I have also decided to do a whole cloth quilt by hand (always need a project to do while watching TV or listening to an audio book).  The center section in the first picture below was copied from a book, however as I go along, I am adding different motifs and making it up (either on my own or finding motifs to incorporate from books, etc.).  It is a slow progress, but I am enjoying the learning experience.

Happy Quilting...

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