Monday, December 28, 2009

My First Dress

I finally ventured deep into garment sewing other than pajamas and the occasional hemming (by my standards this is venturing in) and I created a sheath dress. I think I did okay, except I think the pattern was not the right size and I did not fully measure myself properly so I don't have as much room as I would have liked. However, I think I did pretty good overall. The fabric pattern looks good and I decide to go out of my comfort zone with the color and chose red. This is the Simplicity Easy-to-sew 3532 version C. I have many more patterns that I want to try out. Like they say PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT (well almost that is)

Not sure if you could tell, but the dress is hanging on a duct tape dress form that my husband helped me with over the weekend. Boy, let me tell ya, it is tight and hot putting on duct tape and a little dizzy too. Glad it is over. It came out pretty good, except for the stuffing part and taping up the seam, it seemed that I could not get enough stuffing to make it level out well. I suggest this to anyone as it helped me to see as I went along how the pattern would look.

Well, I hope everyone had a wondering holiday season and I am very much looking fowarded to 2010. ENJOY and be SAFE!!!!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Ethel Gloves

I previously talked about the Ethel Gloves back on. I received my new gloves last month and I was so excited to receive them. Ethel Gloves is now going to offer the XL size and they fit great. My wrists are a little bigger than normal so they are a little snug there, but overall they fit very well (so much that I hate gardening in them when it is muddy outside, which it has been for the last few weeks). I suggest if you would like to be stylish in the garden as well as use gloves that are very functional during the process, these are the gloves for you. They are so reasonably priced, delivery is quick, and above all they seem like a second skin when you wear them (no slipping while performing your gardening duties). I noticed when using my gardening tools, there is no excess material to get in the way and you can grip the tool with no problem. I am so used to getting gloves at the local big box store and they don't fit properly and you spend more time pulling them back up on your hand or clearing dirt out of the inside.

I really like them. Maybe you can let Santa know these are what you want and I am sure if you have been good, maybe even slighlty good, or maybe you thought about being good, you will have them under the tree :>

Thanks again Kimberly and everyone at Ethel, you all have been great and so thoughtful through the whole process.

Saturday, December 5, 2009


I went to my graduation potluck for Citizen Garden on Thursday. I completed the course with over 26 hours of volunteer time. The event was very nice and we all brought recipes fixed with things from our garden or local farmers market. I am proud of myself and very glad that I took the course. I learned so much, but most of all the people I have met through volunteering has formed relationships to last. I recommend to everyone to at least try gardening, but above all give back to your community and I am sure if there is nothing in your community, there is one that could use your time.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Do you think?

1:45pm-Well my husband was right, can't believe I just said that.....we only got about 10 little snow flurries and that was it, maybe something will happen tonight since they are forecasting a freeze, YEAH RIGHT, did I just say that.

1:00pm-I see snow flurries out of my office window.....WELL it's close.

It is supposed to snow today in Austin, Texas. My husband says "YEAH RIGHT", my daughter and I on the other hand are very optimistic and we have all things crossed that it will snow. It does not happen that often and for us when it hails that is snowing. HA HA.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Early Christmas Gift

Thanks to my husband, I received an early Christmas gift. You see I am directionally challenged and I own up to it, so he got me a Garmin nuvi 255W GPS system. It works great. I highly recommend it to anyone who is like me. I can read a map and I can usually get somewhere with no problem, but sometimes when you map items through the various websites that provide step by step driving directions, they leave off key things and you can easily miss a side street that you need. The Garmin so far has done a great job. The great thing about it, is that we were able to get it for considerably less due to Black Friday sales "literally" down to a couple of hours that night on line. Also, I must say the voice that is used is very understandable and not that tech-tronic voice you normally hear and you can't understand everything that is being said. My Garmin will be used tremendously.


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