Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I had a moment...

I went to the grocery store finally last night to get my Thanksgiving cooking items (I know you are saying what... you waited this long, well I have been real busy at work and things are just crazy) and I finally got to my last item which was eggs. Well as most people do, I check the date and I also check to see if any are broken. Well, I started checking the dates and noticed the 19th, 5th, 10th, etc. I was getting upset because I could not imagine this store was selling out of date eggs. So I thought to myself maybe it is just this brand of eggs (which I love), so I moved to the next brand and the dates were 3rd, 5th, etc. I was on my way to find a manager to let them know that they were selling out of date eggs and how hazardous that could be to people. I stopped to form what I was going to say....Sir, how can you be selling eggs that expire December 5th, 19th, etc. when it is November 24th, I can't imagine that you don't know that these items are out of date.....Well did you catch what I was saying to myself.....I was thinking the dates on the eggs were for November when in actuality they were for December...NEXT MONTH. I chucked to myself and thanked GOD that I did not embarrass myself and did not lay my wrath on some unsuspecting grocery store worker.

Okay, I know.....enough said.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ready To Sew Bernina-2008 Fire & Ice BOM Club

Well I am finally getting an understanding of this quilting thing and I am starting to get more feet for my beginner machine (took some research, but I'm getting there). This was lasts years blocks and my first block of the month club and introduction to quilting. Through this block of the month clubs, I learned so much about piecing together blocks. Sometimes I wanted to pull my hair out, but other time I was like "SO that's how its done". OKAY. I have to now place it into a format for my quilt and finish it. I am not sure if I should use black sashing so the reds and yellows will pop. I think using white will make the quilt look odd. Just not sure.

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Baby Quilt

Well I finished a quilt for a coworker. This will be her 2nd child and it is a girl. I could not resist this cute pink and brown fabric (even if it has skunks in the pattern, it make the skunks look cute) to make this quilt. I made it as simple as possible as I was trying to do some designs on the top and this would be my first time other than stitch in the ditch. I use a real pretty pink thread for the quilting and I think I did all right. Unfortunately, due to the business of the pattern you may not be able to see it in the photos.


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