Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Garden-Cucumbers (UPDATE-2)

Update To My Garden-Cucumbers (Originally posted 06/07/09 and 06/29/09) Well I have lost all the cucumber plants as of yesterday the last one died on me. When I started noticing the last one going, I started planting a new large pot with seeds and hopefully I will have at least one edible cucumber this year. If not hopefully in the future planting seasons. Oh my was I hoping to pickle some up. Oh Well, live and learn.

Is this mildew?

Is this some type of mildew? I planted the squash from seed and now I am seeing the white spots on the plants. I thought it was because the leaves are touching the soil, but really am not sure. I have 2 squash plants next to each other and the other one only has a few leaves with the white spots, but this one looks the worst. Are there remedies that I can put together or do I need to buy something from the garden center? Can I pull them and plant something else in that spot or do I have to wait a long time? These are in a raised bed with other types of plants. Also, if the problem was caused because they touch the soil, how can I raise them up without having this be a problem, rocks, etc.? Thanks.

My Garden-Blossom End Rot?

I have been noticing on my peppers (bell peppers too) that some of them have these brown spots and at first I thought that a bug was attacking them, but the problem was very inconsistent. So last night I finally did some research and took these photos. Some people say they think they have sunburn then others say blossom end rot. My only problem is that the brown parts are not on the end, they are sometimes on the middle top, etc. These plants are in a raised bed and due to the weather (41 days of triple digit weather) I have been watering almost every day. In the research I have had people have cut out the brown spots and ate the rest of the plant. My question is, what should I do to stop it, are these still edible? I bought shade cloth and can put that on stakes over the plant if sun is the problem (as I have direct sunlight all day (no trees to shade the plants), if it is a fungus of some sort, what can I buy to stop it? I mulched earlier this year, but it has since flattened out, should I mulch again (I used alfalfa mulch that I got a feed store)? Any information that you may have will be greatly appreciated. Sorry for the quality of the photos.


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