Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Quilts from QuiltCon

I was lucky to be a Super Volunteer at the inaugural QuiltCon event.  To learn more about the modern quilting movement click here.  Enjoy some of the quilts I was able to squeeze in time to photograph as there were a ton of them (if you call it photography from my IPhone).  I do know on the web if you search for quiltcon you will find hundreds of photos.  Also try other social sites like instagram, flickr just to name a few.

Double Edged Love, Victoria Findlay Wolfe "American Quilters Society Best in Show"
Sing It Out Loud, Karen L. Anderson-Abraham "Coats & Clark Quilting Excellence Award"
The Local Quilt, Carolyn Friedlander "Stitch Magazine and Quilting Arts Magazine Best Machine Quilting"

Super Volunteer Goody Bag

Happy quilting....

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