Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ethel Gloves

I was so excited to come across these gloves while reading the blog at chiotsrun, I had been searching for a nice pair of gloves, not just my husbands old gloves and not the ones that you basically use one time and throw away (because of digging in wet soil). Well I sent my husband a *hint hint* e-mail for a possible Christmas give last month with the link to ethel gloves and low and behold I received not just one pair but two beautiful pair this month. I was jumping for joy. They are truly beautiful gloves. However, and I say this with sadness, I discovered well lets just say the roundness of my hands were a little larger than the largest size they had would accommodate. I pondered for a few days on what to do because they were so nice. Well finally earlier this week I e-mailed their customer service and explained my dilemma and asking what I needed to do to return the gloves, well to my surprise I received an e-mail not to soon after I sent it...letting me know they were sorry to hear the gloves did not fit and they would send me a pre-paid return label to send the gloves back. WOW that was just way cool, no hassle returns. Also, the lady told me they were in the process of making XL gloves and she would let me know when they were available so that I could order those. That is what customer service is all about....understanding your customers, offering help on fixing the problems and then offering to keep in touch later. Thanks again Ethel Gloves/Kimberly.

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