Friday, January 7, 2011

Tomato Seeds

I received these seeds from Our Engineered Gardener (thanks again Jeff) back in November.  I am very excited to try these varieties of seeds.  I am still very much a newbie to growing my plants from seeds, so hopefully all will work out.  Also, I love watching his videos, he shares so much information/videos regarding his growing process that it is like you are right there (along with Jude).  Also, he is truly amazing at creating things from scratch (from wood, electronics, etc.), you can't imagine the things he has created (just do a search for his compost turner, that will show you).  He is also very giving of wanting to share his knowledge when creating a new project.  Thanks again Jeff.

Cherokee Purple, Information from others from Daves Garden
Roman Candle, Information from others from Daves Garden
Black Cherry, Information from others from Daves Garden
Paul Robeson, Information from others from Daves Garden

Here is what EG says about these tomatoes that he grew:
Cherokee Purple - I've got plenty of these to go around, and if you haven't tried it before, you're missing out....

Black Cherry - Really good cherry tomato.

Roman Candle - This is a bright yellow paste tomato that is really pretty.

Paul Robeson - A black tomato, and really good.
I will keep everyone updated on these varieties and my process in growing them.

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