Monday, January 10, 2011

Free Calendars For 2011

I never know what the date is let alone what day of the week I am on.  So I try to put a new calendar in each room each year (well at least I try).  I came across these and thought I would pass them along to you.  Various cute calendars that you can print and display.

EZ with Creature Comforts used watercolors to make the animals/nature prints in her calendar (she actually painted them).

Shivani with My Owl Barn has made a clickable calendar, which allows you to decide what picture will print for the month you select.  Way cool.  You will not look at owls the same way.

Cameron with Cottage Industrialist created a calendar geared toward vegetables.  This would be so cute in your kitchen.

I am sure there are tons more out there that people have created, so just Google the web and you never know you might just discover a new blog that peaks your interest (that's what happened to me).


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