Sunday, January 2, 2011

How to make a grow light on the cheap

I watch Praxxus quite often on YouTube, he always brings informative information form his experience in doing it himself.  He tells you quite often to give it a try, you will never know if  you can actually do it.  I thought I would pass this video on to those who like to start their plants and flowers from seeds when it is cold outside.  Last year I went to put together a growing system from the hardware store and the already made products were very expensive (the light bulbs alone cost more than the lighting system), so I used other lighting to get my plants going, needless to say the light was not bright enough, so I did not get very good germination and most of the plants died.  I will try this and see how it works out (as I just recently made my own light box for transferring patterns, post to come soon on that, so I am not so afraid of putting wires together, I still respect electricity though).  Enjoy.


  1. Thanks so much for sharing this video! I had no idea that I could make my own grow light, I thought I would just have to buy one. I think I will try my hand at making my own grow light this weekend!

    1. Good luck and I hope you do give it a try. Since this video I found shop lights with fluorescent lights and it did not require all the wiring. I also used foil on the walls to have the light reflect back on the plants and it works great. If you look at my gardening vidoes you will see several of the plants being started to the point of about to plant. It is all doable on a shoestring budget.



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