Sunday, November 21, 2010

Weighted Pin Cushion

Earlier today I completed the Weighted Pin Cushion by Elizabeth from Oh, Franson.  The pattern can be located at Sew Mamma. I had this on "current projects" list for almost a year.  I had not used fusible interfacing before and wanted to learn more about it before I dove into this project.  The project came together quite quickly.  I now can say that I like fusible interface.  I picked up a value pack on sale/coupon at Joann's and you get 15"X3 yards and I only used a sliver of it.  I have lots more for other projects.

I did have to refer to some of the pictures a little more closely to ensure that I was reading the instructions properly and I found that was on the right track, however, overall it was a great project.

Completed waste bin, this was neat, I did the boxed corners and lining.  I think I will make a larger one and make a trash can for my car in a fabric that I like.

With a button.

I dd not put in the sewed lines for the pockets as I have trays on my table that holds most of my tools, however, I am using the pocket to hold feet for the sewing machine.
Instead of rice, I used rocks.  I had these and they did not work for the project I bought them for, so far they are working in this project.

TA DAH........
The only thing that I would have done differently on this project was to put the waste basket on the other side.

Thanks Oh Franson for sharing this tutorial I really appreciate it.

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  1. Very cute! I need to make one of these to keep in my travel sewing bag.



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