Sunday, November 14, 2010

Great Crafty Storage Ideas

I came across an article that gives various ways to organize and store your craft supplies.  In thinking of what I have in my craft room, I had already incorporated some of these ideas.  When I purchased my "faux" craft storage supplies, I did it because it was cheaper and did the job the same if not better than a name brand item.  What is cool about the items they list is they show you the before with an approximate cost then they show you the after and how they changed the item to fit in great with your craft room.  The items they show can be very expensive if purchased in a craft type store, but the options they give you can usually be found in your local hardware store or big box store in the sections that you would not normally visit for your craft storage.  You never know, there could be a gem waiting to be turned into a crafty storage system.

Quick and clever ideas for organizing craft supplies

Craft storage containers

Space tidy tabletop storage solutions

Some items I have revamp into crafty goodness:

This was from IKEA and it was a rack made for the tops of your pots/pans.  I use it to hold my quilting rulers.  I had to use some left over cardboard to hold some of the odd shaped and smaller rulers.

Got this at Wal-Mart in the automotive section for nuts and bolts, now holds my jewelry making supplies.

These are blocks in separate "Hefty Jumbo Bags" hanging from hangers.  This way I can pull out a bag to add a finished block or when I am done I can pull it out to work on the quilt top.  Keeps things clean and neat.

This is what I made into a ribbon holder.  I took a dowel (cut it in half), rubber bands and 4 curtain rod holders and made them to hold ribbon spools  Eventually I would like to replace the rubber bands with maybe some end caps, but the dowel is real small, so not sure if they have something like that.

This was an elephant that I found at a dollar store and I turned it into a pincushion which holds my needles with left over thread and my pins that have plastic heads (so I know not to use these when ironing).

I acquired this a few years back, it is a plate rack and I have turned it into a thread cone holder.  I will eventually paint it a different color (the gold is not for me) and I may decoupage the plates (they have a Christmas theme on them).

I got this from IKEA, it is used in the kitchen and it hangs from a metal bar (see the hanging mechanism to the the front).  I am  using that bar somewhere else so I used some left over picture hanging clamps and put it on my wall to hold my printer ink.
This metal grid is from the system that gives you tons of grids and the little plastic round connectors to make shoe racks, shelving units etc. It always fell apart, so I donated the system to Goodwill, but found this one left over in a closet, now it holds misc. items.  To attach what I need to it, I just use the black clips from office supply store.
 Like I said you can turn things into so many useful items for your craft room.  I am always looking to re-purpose something and not pay a hefty price for an item just because of a name.

I recently acquired this top and this base because I needed a table to support my vintage 66 Singer sewing machine.  The base made the table to low, so I remembered that I still had 2 legs left over from a sewing table that I created with IKEA legs and top (I ended up only needed 2 legs as my original sewing table, fell apart and the drawer unit was still good and that supported the other end of the table).  So I went to IKEA and picked up 2 more legs and which to my luck they were on sale for around $3.00 (originally $5.00) and now I have a VERY sturdy table for my somewhat heavy sewing machine.

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