Sunday, November 7, 2010

Makeup Expiration...Is Your Product Expired?

I came across this article on when makeup should be thrown out the other day and found it to be very interesting.  I have thought about when my makeup may expire, but never really researched it.  I also recall a few years back that Oprah did a show on how to read the coding on labels on your makeup to know when it is due to expire.  However, half the time the labels have rubbed off of my makeup and I can't refer back to this.  Also, I guess this would entail me making some kind of note on the product as to when I purchased it and/or opened it to know when it is time to throw it away.  It is amazing that so many companies push makeup and the cost is outrageous only to have to throw it away when there is a large quantity of it it left   I only  wear makeup about 4 times a week (for work, not on Fridays) and for special occasions on the weekend.  I am more cognizant of the mascara going bad as I had a problem with eye infections last year, so a couple of months after use it goes in the trash.  I am going to try to consider this when using my other makeup, but may not always follow through.  Enjoy.

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