Saturday, November 6, 2010

2010 Friend Swap (UPDATED)

I participated in my first swap and this one was put on by Khristina over at sewprimkhris and my partner resides in Canada.  We have been chatting often about our lives and really getting to know each other.  I must say this was hard for me because I had not personally met Flavia and had to rely on our conversations and her blog to figure out what she would like.  You can't assume everyone will like what you do, so I sent her lots of goodies.  I received my package in the mail on Saturday and was excited (like a kid on Christmas morning....which by the way is officially 52 days from today).  Here are some photos of the items received.  I took pictures of each package before I opened it.  I really liked how she took the time to wrap each package with little trinkets.  She left a cute note in the package stating a few items will have to be explained and I think I know which ones they are (HA HA).

I opened the packages and this is what I found

What a cute note, yes Flavia I agree.

This could be an ornament for your key chain or something cute to hang in my craft room.

This is a rosary to hang in your car, I love the flowers and the cross attached to it.

She made me a CD (you go Flavia, American Idol is calling).

The cat and chicken pincushion patterns are way toooooo cute.  I can see where some of my scraps are going.

These bags will come in handy for on-the-go projects (I have lots).  I like the plastic on the front so you can see what you have inside.

This is sooooooo cute, scissor case

This bag is TOTALLY AWESOME.  I could not wait to clean out my Old Navy black and white camo bag that I carry, so that I could show this one off.  It is so durable and the embellishments on the front are way cool.

Thank you Flavia for the nice gifts.  I really like them.

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  1. Cyn, I'm really glad you liked them..but I think I have to explain what they's a keychain...but you can use it as a Christmas tree embelishment, oof course. The second one is a rosary. Mine I hang at my car's back mirror, you's always good to take an extra protection with us, right? The's me singing...oh yes...if you dare listening to it, please, don't tell everybody how bad I sing, please! Patterns are patterns...hehehehehe. The bags with the plastic front are for anything you can use them for. I use them for lingeries when I travel or to keep my shoes. The little a scissor case...and you use the ribbon to tie the scissor or hang it when you are using it. And I am really happy you are already using your new tote!!! It was a blast making them all for you. kiss Fla



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