Sunday, June 27, 2010

Watermelon: I see you

Well while watering the garden today, I came across this little baby melon starting to produce.  I have been watching the plant carefully (at least I thought I was) because I wanted to know how it is produced an actually see it form.  I missed this one (so far it is the only one growing, but the plant has lots of flowers).  This should be a sugar bush variety (or it is a black diamond), the tags have disappeared (maybe they are down in the soil.  I picked up the seedlings from Red Barn Nursery (before I found out that it is real easy to grow melons from seeds once it warms up).  Even if I get one watermelon, I will be happy.  I realized that I previously had the watermelons in part shade (my tree started leafing out and it started shading the plants on that side.  Once I moved them into total sun, it started producing lots of flowers.  I moved the vines to now grow up the fence with stretchy garden tape.  I don't have a lot of space in the garden and plus I don't want to have to hop over the melons once they start to produce, plus I am chicken, I like to see if there is anything on the grown that I may step on.

Here is the plant the day I moved it out of partial shade (looking sad, but still growing).
Have you tried growing watermelon before, were you successful and what variety did you find worked for you?

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