Monday, June 14, 2010

Garment Measuring Chart

I came across this post...Pattern Making Measurement Chart...this weekend while reading various blogs. I think this is pretty cool. I have seen similar charts like this, but I think the picture is truly darling and the various areas of measurements are more than I have found on other charts. I am getting into making garments for myself and this chart really is helping me understand where to do the measurements (even if my body parts per se are not in the same spot as the chart, still trying to loose that baby fat, did I mention my daughter turned 15 last month, HA HA).  When you are a beginner and trying to read patterns a chart with your measurements is very helpful.  I learned the hard way (even though I had read about it before) that clothes bought in the store are not the same size as clothes you make from pattern.  Take a look at this you never know, it may be something you like.

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