Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Blackfoot Daisy (UPDATE)

It is truly amazing how fast a plant or 2 can spread and make such a beautiful impact.  I planted a couple of about 4 inch potted daisies here last year and this year they are showing off and showing up some of the other plants.  I am now considering moving some of the other plants out of that bed so that they are not choked out.  Also, I may dig up some of the daises and plant them in other places.  In order from bottom up this is how the plants/bed look this year...March, April, May.  The first photo is a close up shot of the daisy. What I thought was a bee, turns out to be a big fly.  Oh well, he is part of the nature.

Don't mind the bucket (ha ha)

Also, if anyone could tell me the name of the gray plants on either side of the tree, that would be great. I planted these a few years back, but so far they keep coming back. They are sending up stalks, which now have yellow buds in them.

UPDATE 06/07/10:  Thanks to Linda Lehmusvirta with Central Texas Gardener, the gray plants are Dusty Miller.  I am happy to know that I can choose to keep the flowers or cut them off.  However, I think I will keep them on because I think that is why the plant keeps coming back due to reseeding itself (supposedly this is an annual in our zone).  I really did not think that it would have come back with all the freezes we had and the large amount rain, but of course nature has a mind of its own.

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