Friday, June 4, 2010

Look Who Came to Visit My Yard

Well....I thought that I did not have snails or slugs, but low and behold, I guess I have something.  I was out watering the plants on the side of the house and I noticed something on the wall.  I thought it was a stick that blew up on the wall from the water hose.  When I took a closer look, I saw the antenna and was amazed at how big it was and wondering where did it come from and how long it planned to stay.  I'm sure that I sure have killed it as I have read on the web and in books that snails and slugs can real do some damage on plants.  However, I have seen frogs (ick) in the yard and wondered may this slug would feed a few of them (not sure).


  1. If you wanna see some slugs, come to Ireland. We have them in abundance!

  2. Just the one? Ha ha ha ....
    Sorry, couldn't resist a chuckle at this. I do battle with slugs and snails every day and the idea of taking a picture of one cracked me up! Sure you have other beasties but here in the wet west of Europe they are our major pest.

  3. Stone Art, I would love to come to Ireland, but surely not to see slugs. That thing freaked me out, I thought it was a baby SNAKE. Speaking of, I saw a baby (or at least small) SNAKE on my driveway Sunday morning. Somtething got to it. I almost steped on it while pulling the hose to feed/water plants. I almost woke the neighborhood at 8 in the morning. HA HA.

  4. Ruth@VS I hope it is just the one, but I am sure there is a nest of them waiting and ready to jump out when I am out there by myself and can't run in the house. YES as you can see I am CHICKEN of almost anything the crawls on its belly, hops, jumps, lunges, etc. HA HA. I wanted to preserve this in memory as I had never seen one in my yard let alone that big. Another blogger posted a picture of a slug that was huge. Theirs was much longer and fatter than mine. YUCK.... I feel for you all. I am sure give me another season and all the newness will wear off. HA HA.



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