Sunday, June 27, 2010

Potatoes, Last of the container plants

Here is an update on the last of the potatoes that I had growing in containers.  They did not produce much at all.  From the 2 containers, see the amount that came out (size of golf balls).  I also did not think they would be good to eat as the skin did not look great.  These were white potatoes and they had me a little worried, so off to the compost they went.  These potatoes came from our feed and supply store.  I am sure they would have produce better with being in the ground and the watering was consistent (I watered them regularly but they would dry out before I got home (could be because the containers were small and black and the sun just sucked the life from them).  I now only have a few plants in a raised bed and just today while out watering I notice the red potatoes were trying to peek out, so I covered them with more soil, I guess with the hot temperatures the soil is shrinking so I will need to pick up more soil to make sure they are covered and not exposed to the sun.  I think that I will stick to growing red potatoes, we like those in most of our meals anyway (when we do have potatoes) and the white potatoes are usually used for just baked potatoes or fresh french fries.  I am glad that I tried this, because now I know what may or may not work.

Have you tried to grow potatoes or do you leave your garden space to other things and buy your potatoes from the grocery store?

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