Monday, June 7, 2010

Just Takes A Little Time....

I planted out 2 semi circle beds on either side of the entryway of my driveway during Spring Break.  I mainly planted bulbs, with a few annuals & perennials for instant color.

Here are the beds about a month later.  Some of the bulbs are emerging.  I have added a few more annuals that I have found on sale at various nurseries.
Here is the bed almost 2 months out.  Amazing at how fast the bulbs are growing and filling out (of course more annual plants and a few perennials have since been added for color).

Last week I noticed my Gladiolus are starting to put on bloom stalks

These started to bloom last week and are are filling out more and more each day.  The yellow color is so vibrant and attracts bees and butterflies.
I came home today to discover these beginning to bloom red.
Can't wait for the flower show to really start blooming.


  1. How much fun you're having. Be sure to pinch the first little flower buds from your annuals and they'll fill in much faster! LOVE the gladiola's!

  2. Thanks Meredehuit, it was truly hard work digging the ground, adding the soil and then finding time to plant it out. However once it was done you can almost sit back and watch nature take over (except for the neighborhood dog and cat using the bed as a litter box). I think your right about pinching off the spent blooms, becasue my colmbine are not blooming as much. I think this weekend I will go through the garden and look for spent blooms and pinch them off to see if I get some more color. This was my first time (other than Amaryllis that I have planted bulbs. I really like them. Amazing how sef contained they are and also how fast some of the ones I planted in March are up and flowering now.

  3. Excellent Work! Great work!

  4. Thanks Chakatoria. It is truly coming along.

  5. Your hard work is starting to pay off. It will be so beautiful!

  6. Thanks Annette, I am proud that I stuck with it. Flowers before now never appealed to me.



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