Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Totally Perplexed

I planted my tomato plant in early March and to date I have no tomatoes, just a few piddly flowers. I used organic miracle grow with food in it. I was also fertilizing the plant when I was fertilized my other plants and I have tons of vines and leaves. I read this past week that you are not to fertilize until you have tomatoes on the plant, then you feed on a regular schedule. I am wondering if my extra fertilizing made it produce a lot of vines and leaves and maybe now I will get tomatoes. I just don't know what I did wrong.

When I first tried to grow tomatoes about a year or so ago, I did them in pots and they did not survive. So I thought doing them this "new way" that I would have a better chance. If you have any information, that would be great.


  1. No good answers here. We have the green little tomato that was on our plan when we got it & some new leaves, but our sprinkler appears to be killing the plants otherwise.

  2. I am going to continue waiting and unless the plant dies, I will continue to water it. I bought a couple more different tomato plants this weekend and one yesterday to see if they will work (they have more buds on them then the original plant I have). I have them in different locations in the garden. We will see. Good luck to yours.

  3. Hi Cynthia, thanks for visiting my blog.

    It may be that the fertilizer you are using is the wrong one. You are right in that you shouldn't feed until it has flowered, and then you should use a special tomato food so it gets the right nutrients. I'd leave off feeding it now, let it concentrate on flowering. But tomatoes can be tricky - it can take a while to find the variety which works for your soil and climate. You have to experiment.

    It would be great to have flowers on mine right now, but I will have to wait another month or so for mine to flower!

  4. You are very welcome. I am really finding a lot of blogs (never knew what a blog was until a few months ago) and everyone provides such helpful information and the photos really help exlain things. Thanks for the information. I bought some organic tomoato food and I will be waiting to feed it with that once I start to see tomatoes. I sure have discovered that some vegetables can be picky (ha ha). Hopefully with the 5 different tomatoe plants I have now I can see which works better and then once they produce tomatoes how they are after that. I am sure learning. Thanks.



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