Wednesday, May 27, 2009

More Garden Updates

I did some cleanup in the garden today, I actually had more time to really look at everything. Usually it is just a half hour after work or some time on the weekends between doing this and that. Hopefully the photos are much better. Today was a truly hot and bright day.

If you see in my other photos how many leaves this tomato plant has now it is amazing (but no tomatoes).

I bought 2 more tarragon plants (I noticed the plants at the store are not as good looking as they were when I originally both my herbs). Hopefully I can get these to looking good.

I staked the beans, even though they are not big enough yet, but I wanted to have the stake in to prepare for their growth.

This is my cucumber plant. I read up on cucumbers and it looks as though I have the male and female parts but I may not be getting pollination. I am still reading to see if there is anything I can do about this. I read that some people use a paint brush to get things going. I wonder if I should have some romantic music going on in the background.

I started my own compost bin. I took a trash can and put holes in it (saw a video on a gardening show) and we will see what happens. I have lawn clippings, left over soil, vegetable clippings, etc. in there. I add water and turn it with a pitch fork on a regular basis.

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