Sunday, May 24, 2009

My Garden-Update

This is truly amazing and I surprise myself every day. The reason I say that is because I really don't think of myself as an all outdoors person. I don't like bugs and I surely don't like getting stung by mosquito's (which I have tons of bites from this weekend due to a recent rain we had). Also, I am new at all of this and yet you will find me outside daily keeping up with things and learning as I go. I am also planning my cold season garden. WOW I truly amaze myself.

There was been considerable progress in the garden in the last week....

we now have jalapenos

a little bell pepper has appeared

the string beans are forming

In our first raised garden bed the spinach did not take off (wrong season for it), so I planted some dill. I can't wait to make a Greek salad with it.

The arugula started to bolt, so I planted some more from seed and within a couple of weeks this is what it looks like. The chives have not taken off as I had hoped, I think it is because the cucumber plant (mind you no cucumbers yet, but lots of flowers) may be blocking the chives, plan to move it to another location.

I also potted up 4 tomatoes (2 are celebrity, 1 is roma tomatoes, and the other is a patio cherry type tomato). I saw on Youtube that someone did this same technique and then used the top to plant flowers that way the soil won't dry out as much. I will see if I get better results with my tomatoes here than an the topsy turvy tomato planter (I planted in here almost 2 months ago and no tomatoes yet).

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