Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Little Leaves Appearing

I went out yesterday after I got off work to check the plants in the raised bed (I am so mad at myself because I forgot to water yesterday morning and it was upper 80s and low 90s yesterday). But to my surprise there were little green leaves appearing in almost all the sections I planted from seed (I just planted these last Saturday, that is 3 1/2 days ago). What in the world. That is so awesome. I went out this morning to water because it is supposed to get into the 90s again before NOON and more leaves had appeared. I just could not believe it. Still waiting on my green beans and tomatoes to appear (I am being patient).

I did notice that my arugula and chives are starting to thin out, not sure if it was due to not having water or if it is there time to pass on and for me to bring in more. Will know more by the weekend.

Here are some updated photos, I plan to start thinning out the collard greens this week.

Collard Greens


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