Monday, June 29, 2009

My Garden-Cucumbers (UPDATE)

Update to My Garden-Cucumbers (originally posted 06/07/09), After replanting my over seeded cucumber plant into 7 different plants, I got a rather deformed cucumber on one plant and a couple more other cucumbers (however they were rather wrinkly and I was very skeptical of eating them, to the compost bin they went). I lost 2 plants, so I put more seeds in them and they have sprouted already (probably due to the rather hot days we have had). I think one more plant will have to be pulled to the compost bin as well, does not look that well. I was very excited to see the 3 cucumbers that I did get and it saddens me that I could have already been enjoying them by now and have made pickles, but you LIVE AND LEARN.


  1. You did pretty well with them! With your hot summers you should be able to get some more cucumbers ok.

  2. Thanks. I saw that one plant is producing about 3 ccucumbers and they are growing pretty fast. My other seedlings are growing rapidly and soon I will have to stake them.



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