Saturday, February 19, 2011

Birdie Stitches Embroidery BOM #2

Here is my completed 2nd block on 2/16/11 (previously discussed this block of the month here).  I must say the embroidery process is getting faster.  The only slow part is picking the colors of thread.  I don't always want to use traditional colors for things, but you won't know what the colors look like until you stitch it (then pretty much it is there to stay, due to the holes in the fabric).  I found some new transfer pens at Joann's and I got them on sale, they are called Water Soluble Pencil by Clover and you get 3 different colors in the package.  I think I only ended up spending a few dollars and I really like them.  I used the gray one on this block, next time I will try the pink, just to see if there is a difference in being able to see the lines after a few days.  I am enjoying this stitch along.  Can't wait to see what March is about (maybe a St. Patty's day type theme).

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