Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sweet Potato Harvest 2010 (UPDATE)

Previously posted 10/06/10
Well I finally harvested my sweet potatoes and boy was I surprised.  Take a look at this video (first video I actually edited, YIPPPPPEEEE).  We enjoyed some of the potatoes last night when I made this recipe from Mad Hungry, it was real good.  Next time I will plant less plants in a container, so the potatoes are not so crowded (if that is even possible) and I may see if I can do succession planting (but starting as early as possible).  I would not mind having smaller potatoes for meals throughout the growing season, rather than bight potatoes at the end of the season.

Enjoy, because we sure are.

10/19/10-I gave a few of the potatoes to my FIL yesterday and last night while peeling them, he noticed some holes and dark spots.  As he was cutting that part out he noticed the holes went deeper and deeper into the potato, once he cut it open he saw these.  I was shocked because I had not seen them in mine (will have to check the last bag when I get home), I had holes, but once they were cut out everything was fine (similar to store bought potatoes).  I am thinking back through the whole process (after reading the article), I did not mulch, I did not mound the soil, and I planted these slips in a bucket next to the area that I previously had white/red potatoes growing (not in the same spot, but next to it) and I did not pull the grass growing around them (as the grass was not that high and the potatoes were in a bucket).  Also some of the potatoes surfaced the soil level and I let them as I would be harvesting them soon.  I will keep these things in mind for the next planting and the potatoes will be grown quite a distance away from the current bed (as crop rotation is highly advised).  Will see.


  1. Nice harvest Cynthia! You'll be eating good for a while.

  2. Sweet potatoes are not related to "normal" potatoes. They're related to morning glories. If you have any MG on your premises, it is very advisable to uproot and destroy them all.

    I also recommend solarizing that spot and a good 3 ft around it if possible. That should kill off any lingering uglies as well as any dormant fungi. It will kill beneficials as well, but that's an acceptable loss in light of the weevils.

    Best of luck!!

  3. Thanks Jackie. We sure have been. I have been trying to be creative to use the potatoes in a lot of our meals. Could not let them go to waste, since I really don't have the ability to store them.

  4. Thanks Paul that is some real good information to have. I don't think I have morning glories, however I have planed wild flower seeds in a bed within my garden.



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