Saturday, October 30, 2010

Quilt Projects In Process

Back in July, 2009, I took my first paper piece class from Jennifer Ofenstein where I learned to make a pineapple block.  I have been taking more of her classes and I currently have 2 of her paper piecing projects on my To-Do List.  She makes up her own patterns and she is currently doing a somewhat monthly project.  If you can't take her class at Honey Bee Quilt Store, then drop into Honey Bee (you may also run into Jen while you are there as she is their website guru) to see if her pattern is still there (as limited paper versions are made) or check out her site or her blog to purchase her patterns.  Believe me you will not be disappointed.  What I love about Jen is that she is always available to help if you don't understand something about her patterns and she is just an overall fun person to talk with.  She also has a class at Honey Bee Quilt Store where you can bring in any paper piece project and work on it (shhhh you will want to work on hers I am sure).
Intermediate Paper Piecing + Curves, 04/24/10
Book: Paper Piecing with Alex Anderson
New York Beauty Block

Floating Mariner, 09/25/10
In addition to the projects above, I also have this one that I came across and thought you have to give it a try.  I purchased and started on this project maybe at the end of 2009 or the beginning of 2010 and put it to the side. While I was organizing (or should say re-organizing then organizing again as I have to do frequently to find all of my TO-DO projects and put them in containers so they could be found easily) I found this one in the back of my fabric closet. This has been my first project with Batiks. The reason I put it down before is that you could not really use pins as the holes stay and when you sew incorrectly and have to "un-sew" those pin marks stay and is not real attractive.  Since I was new to quilting, I relied on pins heavily, but now I can sew some pieces without using pins.  I started work again on this project last weekend and I am more than halfway done piecing the blocks.  I hope I can finish piecing the top this weekend.  I have to figure out what baking I will use.  Also, I will have to research how you quilt with batiks  I don't think I will use batik fabric as all of the baking (too expensive, plus don't like that feel against my skin).  Click on the link below for the pattern.  I will surely make this quilt again using regular fabric.  I like it and it is fairly quick pattern.

All of these quilts are so different and that is what I love about them. They encompass various styles and techniques.

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