Thursday, October 28, 2010

Chairity Quilt Projects In Process

These are the quilts that will be donated to Crafting Comfort.  I really like this organization and I love working with Ann.  She is appreciative of what quilts I make and understand that I make them as fast as my life allows me to (as we all know working and having a child can really hinder your sewing time).

These 2 quilts are almost done.  I have quilted the teddy bear quilt and just need to bind it.  The checkerboard quilt has a few rows of stitch-in-the-ditch to be done and then binding.  That will bring my total of donated quilts to 4 in 2010.

These quilts are in process:

I started this quilt back in early 2009 and found it in a pile of my TO-DO quilts.  It is pieced together, pending quilting and binding. 

I have 2 of these quilt tops pieced and they are ready for quilting and binding.  The cats and the pink fabric is real cute.

The 2 quilts above are my version of coin quilts, pending quilting and binding.

I just recently completed a quilt from this cheater fabric, but it was big enough to make 2 more, pending quilting and binding.

This cheater fabric is big enough to make 2 different types of quilts.  Pretty cool with a glittery touch to it.  I think a little girl will love it.  Pending quilting and binding.

The 9 quilt tops above are planning to be completed in 2011.  I have quite a few more ideas for quilts from scrap fabric that I have accumulated.  All the fabric to create these quilts have been donated fabric. I love being able to make quilts for charity with donated fabric, because it makes you have to be real inventive and as a newbie to quilting I am not limited to a pattern. Even if the quilts I come up with are not elaborate, but they are truly different in the fabric choices.  I also get the opportunity to practice my quilting, which I am still scared to do.

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