Monday, December 28, 2009

My First Dress

I finally ventured deep into garment sewing other than pajamas and the occasional hemming (by my standards this is venturing in) and I created a sheath dress. I think I did okay, except I think the pattern was not the right size and I did not fully measure myself properly so I don't have as much room as I would have liked. However, I think I did pretty good overall. The fabric pattern looks good and I decide to go out of my comfort zone with the color and chose red. This is the Simplicity Easy-to-sew 3532 version C. I have many more patterns that I want to try out. Like they say PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT (well almost that is)

Not sure if you could tell, but the dress is hanging on a duct tape dress form that my husband helped me with over the weekend. Boy, let me tell ya, it is tight and hot putting on duct tape and a little dizzy too. Glad it is over. It came out pretty good, except for the stuffing part and taping up the seam, it seemed that I could not get enough stuffing to make it level out well. I suggest this to anyone as it helped me to see as I went along how the pattern would look.

Well, I hope everyone had a wondering holiday season and I am very much looking fowarded to 2010. ENJOY and be SAFE!!!!!


  1. I've heard that the duct tape dress forms are worth the trouble! Congrats on entering the world of garment sewing! It's scary to me!

  2. Thank you. I could not breath from being in that tape (of course I can't stand tight places let alone feeling tight). I had my husband cut it out about 2 layesr in (supposed to have 3). It has truly come in handy when resizing clothing and working with patterns. I tell you garment sewing takes thought. I thought quilting was complex, well when you are trying to fit the body that is a whole new world. But I really like it.



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