Saturday, January 16, 2010

More Strawberry Jelly

This week, I noticed that my husband was almost out of the strawberry jelly that I made him a few months back, so I decided to make some more. I still had half a bag of frozen strawberries from the last time I did preserves and I whip up 5 more containers for him last night (the no cook method comes out great and it only takes about 30 min.). Well when I cam home today they (husband and now my daughter) consumed half of a jar. I guess that tells me that they loved it (also they verbally told me as well. I am now looking forward to make other kinds of jelly (I really only like grape, but I think I will stick to the store bought kind). See my previous post from July '09 on the first time I ever made this type of jelly (well jelly period). These plastic jelly containers freeze very well and the cost is very good. For a better view on how to make the no freeze jam, check out this video from Ball.

My next venture will be to make my own salsa. Sometimes I just want chips and salsa for a meal and there seems to never be enough available. Ball has a video on how to make quick/easy salsa. Very much looking forward to this.

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