Friday, December 4, 2009

Do you think?

1:45pm-Well my husband was right, can't believe I just said that.....we only got about 10 little snow flurries and that was it, maybe something will happen tonight since they are forecasting a freeze, YEAH RIGHT, did I just say that.

1:00pm-I see snow flurries out of my office window.....WELL it's close.

It is supposed to snow today in Austin, Texas. My husband says "YEAH RIGHT", my daughter and I on the other hand are very optimistic and we have all things crossed that it will snow. It does not happen that often and for us when it hails that is snowing. HA HA.


  1. I hope you get the snow you want! My brother and his family live in the Austin area and I know they'd enjoy it too!

  2. Well, we got nothing, but about 5 min. (that is being generous)of flurries. It was really sad. However, last night we got a really good freeze.



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