Thursday, May 12, 2011

In The Garden

Here is an update on the status of my garden.  I am feeling much better from having the flu and being in the hospital with pneumonia (although I was considerably behind while trying to get well, I have on 3 tomato plants left to plant, some plants are way too small for this time period, but they are in the ground).

I have noticed that since I moved the black/red raspberries and the blue berries to the patio there has been considerable growth.  I think next year will be much better since these plants are now getting total sun and they should be able to fruit up.  I am also giving the plants coffee grounds.

The potatoes are already starting to flower.  I would have thought it would have been a few more months before this occurred.  I planted them in March (I need to check the tag to see what the maturity time period is).

Here are the various tomato plants that I have actively growing in the garden.

2 photos above--Lemon Boy (store bought transplants)
Jelly Bean Hybrid (grown from seed)
Cherokee Purple (from seed, thanks engineeredgarden)

2 photos above--1 of 2 of my Roma Burpee plants, 1 is waiting to be planted (from seed).
Better Boy Hybrid (from seed)

2 photos above--Roman Candle 1 waiting to be planted (from seed, thanks engineeredgarden)
Burpee Sweet Snack Hybrid (from seed)
Early Girl Hybrid (from seed).  This plant had some frost damage, but so far it is almost as big as some of the other plants in the garden.
Burpee Sweet Hybrid (from seed)

2 photos above--Black Cherry (thanks engineeredgarden)

2 photos above--Bonnie Grape (store bought transplants)
Roma (store bought transplants)
Yellow Plum (store bought transplants)

2 photos above--Yellow Pear and it is forming tomatoes, since it is an indeterminate, we shall see (store bought transplant).  The last time I grew these were from seed and I got a lot of greenery, but one lonely tomato.

2 photos above--1 of 2 of my Paul Robeson tomato plants, it is starting to form tomatoes (thanks engineeredgarden)

3 photos above--Paul Robeson tomato plants, the 1st tomato plant is starting to form tomatoes, the 3rd is waiting to be planted (thanks engineeredgarden)

Pepper plants, most of the peppers in my garden, which there are tons, have all started to flower and/or produce baby peppers of some sort.

2 photos above--Chocolate Bell Peppers
Lilac Bell Pepper

Sweet Banana Pepper
Cayenne Pepper

I have 3 egg plants in my garden and so far 1 of the 3 are starting to flower. 1 was about to flower, but since I moved it, the plant shock made it drop its flowers. My third plant was being shielded by the cabbage so I moved it and it is still a small plant (it is getting bigger by the day).

My cabbage plants are transplants and I have 4 of them growing.  Not sure if they are to close, so next year, I will try to plant them much further apart.

The green beans are coming along quite well.  I am not seeing the tendrils so not sure how big these plants will get.  I can't wait to try the green beans.  When I grew green beans during my first year of growing, I got enough to make one meal out of them and I was happy.  Hopefully I get more so that I can freeze them.

The peas don't look great, but they are flowering and have already started to form peas.  I love eating them right off the vine.

Cucumbers are starting to produce.  I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE cucumbers.  I accidentally picked up transplants that did not have the tags in there, but I do remember that some were Armenia, lemon, and burpless, will only find out which is which at picking time.  I don't mind.

The 1st photo below are the zucchini plants prior to them being moved into the buckets (2nd photo) as you can see they are very happy.  I have one plant in the bed in photo 1, just in case the buckets don't survive, it is not as big as the ones in the buckets, but it was planted much later.  They are all growing quite nicely.

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