Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Binding Tutorial

I know there are tons of binding tutorials out there and I think I have read most of them (no seriously, I think I have), but binding is a part of the quilt process along with actually quilting the quilt that scares me.  I guess this is the final touch that you put on a quilt and if you mess it up the quilt could fray or better yet come apart and all that hard work is lost.  What also scares me is the finishing of the binding by hand, WHY OH WHY do we need to do it by hand, but I guess if you want it to look great and you can't get the "stitch in the ditch to line up properly, finsihing it by hand is the way to go, just set some time aside to do it right espically on a big quilt.  Kerry at verykerryberry: Single Binding Tutorial gives you great up close photos of the process step by step, I know that takes a lot of work to do, but it is so very helpful.  Give her method a try and just replace the single binding with your double layer/folded binding.


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