Friday, May 6, 2011

Garden 2011 #2

Update on my garden (04/09-10/11).  A majority of the spinach all set seed so I pulled most of it and found small plants growing underneath so I kept them (I am sure they will set seed as well with the heat).  My potatoes are also forming flowers, I would have thought it would have been much later in the season before it started this.  I moved my raspberries and blueberries to the patio to hopefully get more sun (shall see if that helps them sent more fruit).  I gave up on the soaker hoses because I discovered a lot of the plants were not getting the water from the hoses if it was not directly next to them.  I am mapping out doing my own drip irrigation system for the garden.

  • My onions seemed to have set seed early than I have experienced before.  I also tried using some of them the other day and some parts were real hard (I was only using the root portion since the stalk was hard), is that normal, should I pull them all and compost them?
  • My brussel sprouts still look the same in the video today, should I pull those as well and start again next year.  I am not that familiar with the growing of brussel sprouts, so maybe when it gets this hot they stop forming the sprouts.  Also, last night I noticed a flower starting to form on the top of the plant, would you say it is done for the season?
Thanks and happy gardening.

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  1. Not sure about onions, but it's decidedly past brussel sprout season. They bolt over 75*F. I suspect that's one of those crops that can never do well in our climate. They have too narrow a comfort zone.



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