Sunday, January 17, 2010

Starting Seeds Indoors

I think I made a big Boo-Boo. I purchased a new bag of seed starter mix to try something new, however I did not read the directions as carefully as I should. I missed the fact that this seed starter mix needed to be dampened once put into pots prior to adding your seeds. I have soaked the fiber pots since about 1:30 today and they are slowly wicking the water up, but not like my other brand of seed starter mix. So I did the inevitable, I added water from the top to get it wet and of course I am sure some of the seeds were disrupted from the force of the water (although I dripped it in slowly). Well we will see in a few weeks if the germination process still takes. You have to live and learn to become better at what you do. Believe me I am LEARNING.


  1. Hopefully you made the other mistake that I always do and sowed thickly then all will be well ;) I find that, most of the time, my plants put up with a lot of abuse including dumping cups of water on germinating seeds.

  2. Thanks for the post. I will be posting soon on how the plants are doing. A lot of them sprouted within in 3 days and all but about 8-10 of my little pots sprouted. Can't remember off hand which ones they were, but I have some left over seed and I can try them again this weekend. I felt like a Dunce, but you have to live and learn.



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