Sunday, January 17, 2010

Preserving Seeds

I discovered another purpose for the little plastic bags that earrings, buttons, beads, etc. may come in. When I open a seed packet, usually the little seeds ends up at the bottom of my storage container and there is nothing to do but to throw them away (because of course you can't figure out what is what). I am discovering that this method will save my seeds and also protect them from the air (because once you open the paper seed packet it is of course no longer resealable unless you fold it and tape it).

I put a label on the front of a little baggie and pour the rest of the seeds into the plastic baggie and put it into the paper seed packet. This way if you drop the packet, the seeds are safe as well as I feel the seeds will last longer since they are not subjected to air that can get in the paper seed packet. Below is how I organize my seeds:

Take some labels or tape that you can write on, your open paper seed packets, along with your assortment of plastic bags:

Write the name of the seed on the label and place the corresponding seeds inside (try to pick a baggie that will fit all of the seeds, if not use 2 baggies, the paper seed packet should fit the baggie(s) you have just filled.

It is not all fancy, but it seems to work for me and once again you are recycling something that you may have thrown away.


  1. I've always wanted a veggie garden but have never gotten around to it. Maybe one of these years I can convince DH to give it a try!

  2. I had to convince mine too, so I started with just a few pots of herbs on the porch. He soon realized how great food tasted with the fresh herbs added on. Then I conviced him to help me build a raised bed, I had everything planned out and how cheap it was to make. We did the bed in 1 hour and used the rest of the time putting in the soil, compost, seeds/plants. Then he realized how good those vegetables tasted and he said hey I think you need a few more beds in your garden (GO FIGURE). Now mind you I do all the work maintaining the garden, but I love it (except for the icky and I mean icky bugs. Good luck and belive me I think you will love it.

  3. This is exactly what I use those little craft bags for!

  4. They come in so handy that I was truly amazed. I also discovered something else. Go ahead and transfer to the seeds to the baggy even if you are not ready to use them. I put some carrot seeds down and left the package in the bed and watered the plants. When I was doing clean up, I noticed the package thre. I don't think they got to wet, but I laid them on a paper towel to dry out just in case.



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