Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What's New To My Flower Beds (Fall 2009)

This past weekend, I took some time out to plant these bulbs in my garden. I am really hoping they will do well and I will have these beautiful flowers to come up in the spring.


Bearded Iris-
I think these purple and baby blue iris plants will look great in my yard.

I received these plants while volunteering at a local botanical garden a few months back:
Coleus-At first I thought it would not survive as it had wilted considerably, however I decided not to give up and this is what it looks like within a few months.

I just planted these in my flower bed this past weekend. Hopefully they will do well in the Texas winter, I will add another layer of mulch to my beds this weekend to hopefully protect against in undue coldness.

Palmetto-I am going to call it a dwarf palmetto for now as it is a toss up between that and a Sabal Mexicana Palm.

Drummond's Wild Petunia-I did not think this plant would make it, but all of a sudden it started producing small purple flowers that looked amazing. I think my dog is brushing up against the pot because when I come home the flowers are laying in the soil of the pot, unless it is a strong wind. Just not sure.

Mexican Blackeye-It has not flowered yet, so we are not sure if this is exactly what it is. Can't wait to see the flowers and to plant it in my flower bed.

I am really enjoying myself with gardening and trying new things. I try to grow anything I get my hands on. I just love it when my yard is alive with activity...plants growing, flowers blooming, and bees and birds enjoying it all.

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