Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My Garden-I Think I Know Why...

My cucumbers are looking crazy everyday. What I mean by this is....when I get home the stems/leaves are laying on the ground. I give them water in the morning and in the afternoon and they perk up.

First--I thought I have it a real terracotta pot and maybe the hot sun is drying out the soil and depleting the plant of moisture.
Second--So I put in one of those water globes. Same thing.
Third--So I ADDED a water bottle with pin prick holes (I double checked to make sure that it was letting water out slowly). Same thing.
Fourth--I moved it from its location (the patio) thinking it was extra hot there, out into the yard, next to the other plants. Same thing.
Fifth--I put the terracotta planter inside of another plastic planter with a little soil (hoping this would keep in the moisture. Same thing. ARGGHHHHHH
Sixth--Realized that when I first planted the seeds (I AM NEW TO THIS) that I planted way to many (almost the whole package), so there may be about 5 or 6 cucumber plants in one small pot, fighting for all the water, nutrients, etc. Soooooooo

This weekend I will start again and this time I hope/pray that it will work. I was so looking forward to cucumbers by now.

Now to figure out why I have no tomatoes in my tomato hanging planter after 2 1/2 months.....

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  1. You could just try separating them - water the pot well, ease out the whole lump and tease them apart very gently (best done on a table). Then replant them separately, keep them in a shady spot for a few days and water well until they have recovered.

    It may not be possible to separate them all, and you may kill one or two, but it could work. The general rule when doing this is to hold the stem as near to the base as possible and slowly ease the plant away from the rest. It doesn't matter if you lose a small bit of root or two, as long as the stem is not crushed.



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