Friday, June 12, 2009

Is This Pay Back?

I have been having a rough month so far (all the way around) and today I was looking forward to the nice salad I made for lunch this morning with some stuff from my garden that I picked fresh this morning (arugula and mixed lettuces, I also picked one very small radish) I added tomatoes (mine are not coming in yet to eat), english cucumber, carrots and some grapes. Well I finally sat down to eat my lunch (which was very late for me) at 1:30 and guess what I found on the very top of the salad looking at me when I took off the lid......a very unhappy green caterpillar. Why you say did I know that it was unhappy because it left me a nice surprise on the cucumber next to it (you can guess what that was). Well that went in the trash. I then went downstairs to our lovely cafeteria (not lovely and not so much edible either) to order a hamburger (figured very tough cooked meat was safer than a caterpillar) and guess what.......they ran out of meat. OH MY GOODNESS. So my lovely lunch today is a bag of Cheetos and a sprite.

The reason I say this must be punishment is because of the 3 tomato horn worms I had killed earlier this week and then I used some "natural" caterpillar killer on some of my plants last night before the big huge thunderstorm we had.

All I can say is laugh or you cry. HA HA


  1. I'm laughing (sorry). That reminded me of when I cooked some broccoli at my mother-in-law's house for some holiday. I didn't see it, but she said there was a green worm in the pot with the broccoli. Just think about if you took the lid off and you were serving lunch for two.

  2. Oh My goodness, I know what you mean. It was the weirdest thing to see. I will just have to be more careful now, since I will be using some of the stuff from the garden to make Father's day dinner for my husband and father-in-law. That would not be a nice surprise. Crazy I tell ya.



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