Friday, March 26, 2010

New Flower Beds

We finally finished digging and making new flower beds in the front yard. We dug out a half circle on each side of the driveway as you turn in. I just thought the area really needed something to spruce up the yard. The flowers of course are small and most of it consists of bulbs which will take at least a season or two to show what they are really about.  I don't mind, because I know that it will look good in the end.

Row 5: Hollyhock bulb and Unknown tuber (produces a white flower)

Row 4:  Gladiolus

Row 3:  Acidanthera

Row 2:  Ribbon Mix Snapdragon (yellow), Lady In Red Salvia, Wizard Select Mix Coleus (yellow), and regualr Coleus

Row 1:  Alyssum (purple and white)

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