Friday, March 26, 2010

Look Who Came To Visit My Garden...

I know we have to live with nature and that means animals of all kinds, but I was not real happy to see this cute furry creature visiting me. All I could envision was my entire garden being consumed. I am happy to say that I am glad that it was not a different animal like the kind that crawls only on their bellies (shhhh, I can't even say the name, let alone spell it). However, I have been trying to catch it (I borrowed a live trap and of course it no longer comes out from where ever it is). I would feel more comfortable before we fix the loose dirt around the back fence to my garden that it is gone. The first time I saw it was when it was coming in and out of the last raised pallet bed that I created (stacked 2 pallets high, I am taking by built beds to the ground so that I don't lose a lot of moisture in the summer and try to keep as much heat in the winter).

I thought I was smart by stapling weed cloth on the bottom of the bottom pallet to prevent grass from growing into it that I forgot about the 2 slits on top of the pallet that were just big enough for the rabbit to get in and out of. I also made the mistake of purchase 2"X4" wire to fence in my garden and not securing the eroded dirt from the back privacy fence. I should have used the smallest size fencing available (I was originally trying to keep my dogs out, go figure). Since this video was taken I have only seen the rabbit once. I hope it got out and is living a great life away from my garden.

I am really trying to make sure the rabbit has a better life outside of my garden and yard, but I think in the next week or so, I am still going to fix the back fence, because I can’t take the raised bed down, until the cool season crops are all out, dirt removed from the bed in order to lift the thing to get rid of the pallets. Or maybe I can find about 6 real strong people, who like saving cute furry animals, to help lift it while it is full. UMMMMM, maybe not.

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