Monday, March 14, 2011

New York Day 1...Not Quite San Antonio

Sitting in the San Antonio International Airport.  We were supposed to board at 1:55pm and be in the air at 2:30.  We received word that our flight was delayed 1 hour.....then 2 hours.  The delay was due to weather that Houston was experiencing and the flight we take goes through Houston and they had to wait for it to pass before they could get to San Antonio.  We boarded at 4:30, only to be told that the flight was cancelled after everyone was belted and bins closed.  Now we are waiting in the airport for another crew to come and take us.  They said they cancelled the other flight because when it arrived it had a malfunction that was fixed before we boarded, but because of laws the flight crew could not fly anymore for the night (since they were only 2 min. away from non fly time.  So another crew is coming from Houston and should be here around 8:00pm and of course that means we will not get to New Jersey until after 1:00am.  What an experience for my first time flying.  I am still optimistic that this is normal and it will all be okay.

My nerves were up and I had just relaxed after looking out the window at the wings of the plane and making peace with whatever happens, then we get told it was cancelled.

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