Saturday, March 12, 2011

Garden 2011 #1

Here is a video of my back garden in the state before I cleaned it up for Spring planting.  Last weekend I ended up moving the:
  • brussel sprouts to the small bed,
  • cilantro and I think I will need to cut it back as it does not look too good,
  • chives into the small bed.
I pulled all the vegetables that were looking bad and the cabbage that looked like something took a chunk out of it.  I also layed the 4 large bags of mulch that I received from a fryeecycler.  My husband lent me his muscles and he Incorporated compost into the beds and turned the soil.

After the cleanup I was able to access where the plants will go in the spring and I have more room to plant more of the tomato varieties that I have bought. 

I finally got a chance to plant 3 of the 4 potato varieties into rectangular planters closed to the house:
  1. Freedom Russet
  2. White Superior
  3. Red Norland
  4. Yukon Gold (pending to plant)

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